Linguistic posters
Designing playful web interactions for German type publisher Kilotype
Kilotpye’s new website showcases the foundry’s unique font releases with variable weight sliders, a clean purchase section, and a vibrant easter egg background.
Friends of the Web
Web design, visual design
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While working at studio Friends of the Web, I worked on the design for Kilotype’s new website. I wanted to use bright colors to make the website stand out from that of other type foundries, so I introduced gradient stripes that can be turned on and off. Users can see the typefaces against the standard white backdrop as well as vibrant backgrounds.
Typeface Catalog
The typeface catalog presents a variety of type-testers set in different weights and styles, all of which the user can manipulate and try on their own. The purchase section allows the user to customize the type of font license, style, and quantity.
The font overview pages show the typefaces using the established visual style.
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